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Von Neumann's Play Off
Zur Seetauglichkeit von Wahlen, Spielen und Theorien im Wellenschlag selbstverwalteter Fördertöpfe

Institut für Wirtschaftstheorie, Universität Innsbruck (ger)

Wikipedia - John von Neumann (ger)
Al Roth's game theory, experimental economics, and market design page (en)
Wikipedia - Spieltheorie (ger)
Professor Rieck's Spieltheorie-Seite (ger)

Wikipedia - Borda Wahlverfahren (ger)
Wikipedia - Arrow-Theorem (ger)
Wikipedia - Gibbard-Satterthwaite Theorem (en)

Das Wahlexperiment
Der homo oeconomicus
Links zum Thema

Folien zum Referat
LIVE Mitschnitte

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Visualising Waves
volumetric rendering of 3D waves
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the hi-jacker-s guide for not so lonely pirates + excl. exkurs-diskurse des noname'schen piraten
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The Roboat
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Traceroutes in complex groupings
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Social Shoals -
About (im)possibilities of socially distributed navigation
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Von Neumann's Play Off
Discovering the seaworthiness of votings, games and theories in the wash of the waves of selfgoverning subsidies
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Controversial caboose conversations
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haole and mele -
senses and non-sense in navigation and decision making processes
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Sailing through information -
The sail's epidermis as metaphor

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Mission statement
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On board
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Time table
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